Americana, America – Along the Same Lines

The Chinchillionaires spent the past week straight Chinchillin, putting the finishing touches on Along the Same Lines. We’ve been sitting on a mountain of tunes for a while and decided to showcase a bit of our American roots on this to celebrate Independence Day.

“Sally’s Mother” is a hip little rockabilly number Steve put together featuring Jesse on guitar and Bill droppin’ some bomb-ass trombone. This is the youngest tune on the EP, recorded just last week especially for the event. “Talkin’ to Elvis” is a song Rob brought to the table last summer. It features both Shane Sanders of Nashville, TN and RJ Silver of our very own Detroit, MI on slide guitar. “Ramblers in the Shade” is a carry over from Sexy Celery that you should already know about. “Casa de los Muertos” is another tune from 2015 that never saw the light of day, which is a shame because it features a gunfight from Mexican Methamphetamine cartels – riveting stuff. “Suicide Mountain” has David Allen Coe vibe to it, definitely worth a listen when you’ve been drinking too much.

Go download your own copy of Along the Same Lines at Bandcamp, share it on Youtube, or play it on Soundcloud.

Signed, your friendly neighborhood doctor, Ick.

Author: Dr Ick

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