Sexy Celery: Hot Music for Hot People

I’m re1464018971987ally happy to present our new effort “Sexy Celery” to the world. This hunk of music really put my mind and body through the meat grinder. I mean, really, how much whiskey can a human body process?

Most importantly, it’s got some tunes that I’m really proud of. “Phat Babeh” gave us the chance to drop some Zappa-esque vocal madness onto  a groovy sampled drum beat and spin up some phat baritone sax. “Ramblers in the Shade” has tuba. Think about it. “Jazz Masters and Shitrappers” featured a certain bass player that spit up some lead bass and pitch-shifty tritone pad. Where else can you have so much fun?

I’ll tell you friend, the only place is hanging with The Chinchillionaires.

Go visit Bandcamp and download this monster, we won’t even charge you for it. If you’re just especially lazy, go ahead and click this link and visit our Soundcloud page to listen to it. If you, for some reason, absolutely need some visual content to go along with your listening experience, go ahead and visit The Chinchillionaires on Youtube.

It’s been an absolute blast, and I’m looking forward to dropping s’more Americana tunes for y’all on July 4th. Keep lookin’ out fam.

Author: Dr Ick

Jack of all trades, master of the universe.